Sunday, February 17, 2008

From Across the Yard, With Love

Happy Valentine's Day! Listeners couldn't wait to call in and tell us how much they loved our Valentine's Day special this morning. Thanks! If you missed out on its sappy goodness, 1) Shame on you! 2) Don't fret! As always, you can listen to the show in its entirety right here: From Across the Yard, With Love.

Special thanks to our wonderful host, Markus Kolic.

This week:
  • Reporter Christine An took to the streets to ask passers-by if they could describe love in seven words or less: What is love?
  • A Q&A with Environmental Action Committee (EAC) member Karen McKinnon '10 about the importance of climate neutrality, from reporter Alyce de Carteret: Harvard: Get a 'Date' for Climate Neutrality
  • A political commentary from the NE Regional Director of the National Organization for Women (NOW) Marilyn Fitterman (you can reach her at MarilynFitterman [at] AOL [dot] com): Deja Vu: Race vs. Gender
  • A Valentine's Day review of Cambridge's Oleana restaurant, from reporter Leah Schwartz: Oleana Review
  • A sneak peak at some upcoming celestial events (including the total lunar eclipse this Wednesday), from reporter Larissa Zhou: Sky Watch
  • Hear more about what Harvard is doing to become more energy efficient & eco-friendly, and what students can do to help: More from Karen McKinnon
Don't forget to tune in next Sunday for more of your favorite news magazine, From Across the Yard.