Sunday, April 27, 2008

Last Show of the Year

Well, the semester has come to a close, and what a ride it's been! The last episode of From Across the Yard until September aired today, but if you missed it you can listen to it in its entirety here: FATY 4.27.08.

Special thanks to our host Christine An.

This week:
  • Why I Voted for Obama - A commentary from reporter and Pennsylvania native Leah Schwartz on what went though her mind when she filled out her ballot this past Tuesday.
  • The Aliza Shvarts Controversy - Is abortion art? Reporter Alyce de Carteret takes a look at the controversy surrounding this Yale art student.
  • Thanks for the Memories - Three graduating WHRB News seniors Erika Solomon, Kendall Kulper, and David Lebowitz reminisce about their years here at WHRB.
Thanks for listening! FATY may be off the air for a few months, but Orgy season is just around the corner! Be sure to tune in on Sunday, May 11 at 12:30pm for our Conversations with Seniors Orgy, where we talk with graduating WHRBies about their four years at Harvard. And you won't want to miss WHRB's original radio play, entirely written, produced, and voiced by members of WHRB. It's set to air at 4pm on Sunday, May 18.

This has been a truly wonderful semester. Thanks for listening, and I hope you'll join us in the fall for more From Across the Yard!

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