Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happy No More Daylight Saving Time!

Another fun, enlightening, and utterly absurd episode of the Great American Talk Show aired last Sunday! If you weren't able to join host Alex Doubet and cohorts Alasdair Wilkins and Kevin Burrows on this 30-minute adventure, you can check out the full episode here: TGATS 11.02.08.

Topics in today's episode include:
  • James Bond: real American hero?
  • Suri Cruise: when will the reign of terror end?
  • Cockney listeners: will we have any left after these 30 minutes?

We also aired an EXCLUSIVE interview with Harvard Professor Michael Sandel. Take a listen below!

Tune in two Sundays from now, November 16, at 12:30 pm for more news you don't care about and enlightening discussion you do. You can only get it here, on the Great American Talk Show.

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