Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome Back, From Across the Yard!

WHRB's news magazine From Across the Yard returned from its brief hiatus this afternoon. If you were unable to listen to it live, you can hear it in its entirety here: FATY 12.07.08.

Special thanks to our host, Markus Kolic.

This week:
  • The Political Arena: Youth Vote - On this week's segment inside the Political Arena, chief political correspondent Alexander Heffner evaluates the historicity of the youth voter turnout at November 4's election.
  • Obama's Election: A Continent Away - A feature on the African reaction to and inspiration by Obama's election, by reporter Natalie Panno
  • The Holiday Season - A feature on how the economic recession will affect holiday shopping, by reporter Lili Behm
  • Free Culture at Harvard - A feature on the growing Free Culture movement and how it will affect the way universities interact with their students and the community, by reporter Colleen Carlston
  • Veteran's Affairs - On this anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a feature on the treatment of veterans in today's community, by reporter Eric Romo

Thanks for listening! Tune in next Sunday, December 14, at 12:30pm for another absurdly comical episode of the Great American Talk Show with Alex Doubet. Your favorite news magazine will return next semester after a brief winter holiday and January’s Orgy season, so be sure to join us in February for more news and stories From Across the Yard.

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