Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Great American Talk Show: A New Year

Happy New Year, and Happy February!

After a long winter hiatus, The Great American Talk Show has hit the airwaves once again. Though our esteemed host Alex Doubet, who is currently studying abroad in Florence, will not be joining us this semester, TGATS lives on. Today, hosts Alasdair Wilkins and Kevin Burrows discussed criminal goats, the Kung Fu Panda/WALL-E rivalry, and the impact of definite articles on movie titles. You can listen to today's episode here: TGATS 2.1.08.

In the coming weeks, TGATS will welcome a rotation of guest hosts. We hope you'll join us two weekends from now, on February 15, at 12:30pm for the next riveting episode of the Great American Talk Show! As always: 95.3FM WHRB.

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