Saturday, March 14, 2009

From Across the Yard: International Women's Day

If you were unable to catch the March 8, 2009 From Across the Yard live, you can listen to the whole episode here: FATY 3.08.09.

Thanks to host Eric Romo!

This week's episode features a few pieces relating to International Women's Day:

Commentary on Women's Week at Harvard - Lili Behm introduces a description of the week and its goals, by Gena Haugen.

How Advertising Uses Women- Colleen Carlston spoke with Jean Kilbourne, who studies and gives lectures about the uses of women's bodies in ads we encounter daily. She discusses the harmful effects of these ads.

Watchmen- This much-anticipated film recently opened. Reporter Natalie Panno attended an opening night showing and collected audience feedback.

The Political Arena- Every week, political correspondent Alexander Heffner brings you the scoop from D.C. This week, he discusses the growing phenomenon of "Twittering" politicians.

My Mother's Values- To continue showcasing the work of students at the Community Charter School of Cambridge, this week's episode features Courtney Johnson discussing why her mother and her mother's values are so important to her life.
Hear more from Courtney Johnson here:
Be Who You Are
My Grandmother's Values

Thanks for listening to this latest From Across the Yard! We'll return on March 22, with a special spring break edition. Listen to the Great American Talk Show next Sunday, March 15 at 12:30 PM.

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