Sunday, September 27, 2009

From Across The Yard: September 27, 2009

If you missed this week's FATY, you can listen to the entire show right here: FATY 9.27.09

Thanks to our host, Natalie Panno!

This week:
  • Senate Seat Update - Lili Behm returns with commentary on the ongoing furor surrounding Senator Kennedy's vacent senate seat.
  • The Donkey Show - WHRB correspondent Natalie Panno speaks with the ART Director Diane Paulus on their new show, The Donkey Show.
  • Live from the Political Arena - Natalie Panno talks with Alexander Heffner, host of the Political Arena and Editor-in-Chief of ScoopDaily.
  • Tom Newmark - Dennis Raimondi interviews Newmark, president of New Chapter Inc. and an expert on endangered plants and herbs, on his show Speaking Freely. (Listen to the interview in its entirety here.) (Edited by Alyce de Carteret.)
Thanks for listening!

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