Saturday, December 18, 2010

This Cambridge Life

As part of the usual end-of-the-semester WHRB celebration, called Orgy Season, WHRB News dedicated an hours to exploring our own backyard: Cambridge, Massachusetts.

And it's coming soon.

Things to look forward to:

I. Chess and Au Bon Pain: Vipul Shekhawat takes us inside the world of chess in Harvard Square.

II. The Harvard Square Homeless Shelter: Daniel Gross learns about the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter.

III. Pahk Yah Cah: Amy Friedman takes a look at The Hahvahd Tour, one of three Unofficial Tours offered by Trademark Tours.

IV. Revolution Books: James Pollack visits Revolution Books, a communist bookstore in Harvard Square on Massachusetts Avenue.

V. Take Ivy: Natalie Panno steps into the classic men's clothier J. Press and speaks to Dennis Black, general manager for Cambridge and New Haven.

Host: James Pollack

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